Eucalyptus ficifolia Wild Fires GRAFTED NATIVE

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Also known as Corymbia ficifolia "Wild Fires"

Full sun

Height:  to 6 m

Width:  to 5 m

Bird attracting


Notes from the plant tag:

Eucalyptus ficifolia “Wild Fires” is a fine example of Australia’s heritage of drought tolerant plants that are versatile enough to be grown in most areas of Australia.

It is a spectacular small tree which flowers throughout summer and is smothered in massed trusses of red flowers with gold-tipped stamens. Honeyeaters and bees find these beautiful flowers irresistible.

“Wild Fires” grow to about six metres and with its outstanding flower display makes an excellent garden specimen. It also makes an impressive display grown in a large container using premium Australian native potting mix – just prune off old gumnuts annually.

“Wild Fires” grows and flowers best in full sun where excess water drains away readily. After establishment in the ground, this small tree requires no extra watering.

As with all grafted plants, any shoots coming from below the graft union should be cut back flush with the stem.


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