Rosy Paperbark Melaleuca diosmatifolia NATIVE

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syn. Melaleuca erubescens

Full sun to part shade

Height:  1.5 m

Width:  1.5 m

Flowers spring to summer

Frost tolerant

Drought hardy when established


Notes from the plant tag:

Melaleuca diosmatifolia is generally a small shrub less than 1.5 m high but it may occasionally reach 3 m.

The flowers are usually seen in spring and early summer.

It prefers moist soils and can be grown in soils that are less than perfectly drained.

It prefers a sunny, open position but will also grow in light shade.  it is tolerant of at least moderate frost.  Hardy.

The species responds to annual fertilising after flowering (use a native, slow-release feriliser) and to an annual light pruning to encourage a bushy shape.


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